Weekly Pill Reminder Pillbox In Tray W/24H Digital with Timer

Weekly Pill Case + Pill Reminder/ Tray



◆ Detachable pill cases with 4 large compartments in a tray and a pill reminder.
◆ It is perfect solution with ultra easy reminder to make sure you maintain a timely medicine/supplement intake routine.





  1. Open cover
  2. “H” is for “Hour”
  3. “M” is for “Minute”
  4. “STOP” to turn off the alarm

◆ To update the current time, press “H” continuously until the desired hour is reached ;press “M”continuously to set the minute.
◆ There are 24 pins for one day, push down to set alarm. Each pin represents a time at the top of the hour.

  1. Open the clear lid on the timer.
  2. To set timers, push down on the desired alarm hour pin the row.
  3. Up to 6 alarms can be set at once. A bell symbol will appear on the screen when an alarm has been set successfully.
  4. Simply press “STOP” to silence the alarm when it sounds at the corresponding times. If the alarm is not stopped after 15 seconds, the alarm will repeat every 5 minutes, for total of 2 times.

◆ 7 compartments : Weekly portable travel pill case rotate cover at each desired compartment.
◆ Easy carry small storage case : Tin case holder encloses with 2 compartments pill case.


Size: 8.66" X 4.65" X 1.77"
Material: PP/HIPS
Colors: Customizable Color
Packing: 1pc/white; 36pcs/CTN
Certificate: CE Rohs FDA SGS
MOQ: 1000 pcs
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
CUFT: 2.09"

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